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Microorganisms for Potted Plants 250 - ml

Microorganisms for Potted Plants 250 - ml

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Almacabio Microorganisms for Potted Plants are ideal for enhancing and nourishing the soil of indoor and outdoor potted plants. They boost the plants’ immune defences against infection from fungi and other parasites, and strengthen roots.
  • 100% natural
  • Strengthens and protects roots
  • Increases plant defences

Microorganisms for Potted Plants

They improve the soil structure, maintain the balance of its components and are an excellent way of regulating the intake of nutrients. The plants can then benefit from a fertile soil to enhance their growth and increase their resistance to dry air, parasites and disease. Almacabio Microorganisms are also ideal for delicate tropical plants (orchids) and subtropical plants. Every 250 ml contains around 25 million microorganisms. Almacabio Microorganisms are 100% natural and combine their effective action with the greatest care for the health of the whole family.

Chemical composition

Water, live microorganisms for soil, at least 25 million per container, organic components and minerals appropriate for potted plants.


Start the treatment in spring. INDOORS: for plants in large pots of around 50 come diameter, dilute 15 ml (1 ½ capfuls) of product in water in a watering can and apply evenly. Continue the treatment once a month, diluting ½ capful of product. OUTDOORS: 5 ml (½ capful) of product per m² diluted in water and apply once a month. 1 capful = 10 ml.


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