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Beeswax for Wood - 250 ml - 8 Pcs x box

Beeswax for Wood - 250 ml - 8 Pcs x box

Beeswax for wood

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Pieces for cartonboard: 8 (order multiples of 8)

Wood Wax is suitable for the treatment and care of all types of wood. It waterproofs the wood, protecting it from dampness and mould stains, while at the same time allowing it to breathe, keeping the pores open and allowing steam to diffuse. The wax is also nourishing and keeps the fibres elastic, helping to prevent cracking and splitting. It cleans away greasy dirt from dust and fingerprints, preserving the finish and colour of the wood. The wax is neutral in colour and has a delicate hint of honey.
  • 100% Natural and breathable
  • Beeswax based
  • Cleanses and protects surfaces
  • Nourishing

Why choose it

Ideal for the care of all types of waxed, oiled, lacquered, varnished, natural wood, indoors or outdoors, for cleaning and caring for parquet, antique furniture, valuable wooden objects and all wax-polishable surfaces in general. With an additional coat of product, the wax creates a protective film that aids cleaning and dust removal. Wax gives wooden surfaces a pleasant velvety finish, bringing out the natural grain and enhancing brightness. When applied to parquet, the wax has an anti-slip effect because it is silicone-free.


Chemical composition
Water, beeswax, natural mineralized emulsifiers specific to the indicated use.

Does not contain
solvents, biocides and preservatives. VOCs absent.

Instructions for use

Ready to use. Apply a first hand and once dry repeat the application. Approximately 4-5 sqm/l per hand. If necessary, polish with a cloth to give shine. For a more protective effect, apply the product a second time. On wooden furniture, it can be used at will for cleaning and maintenance, 2 to 4 times a year. On wooden floors (even those that have already been treated) it can be used for cleaning 1 to 2 times a year, depending on how much they are used. On the other hand, to protect floors in crowded rooms, the product can also be used once a month.

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