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Graffiti-Proof Beeswax for Plaster - 250 ml - 8 Pcs x box

Graffiti-Proof Beeswax for Plaster - 250 ml - 8 Pcs x box

Graffiti-Proof Beeswax for Plaster

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Pieces for cartonboard: 8 (order multiples of 8)

The Wax for Plaster is waterproof and protects against graffiti, forming a protective film against dirt and creating a breathable film that is easy to clean with warm water and a brush. The wax film is breathable and allows water vapour to permeate, thus avoiding condensation. The wax is neutral in colour and has a delicate honey smell. The applied product is not visible (unless the walls are white, in which case it can cause a matt effect).
  • Protective and breathable
  • 100% natural and breathable
  • Made from beeswax

Why choose it

Suitable for outdoor and indoor plaster, for stone, clay, whitewashed and cement surfaces, and for all surfaces requiring protection. Particularly useful for protecting walls from marks through contact with pets, splashes from cooking, or from children’s paints. The protective wax is ready for immediate use and is easy to apply. It is absorbed quickly and is colourless and odourless (other than the smell of honey). The applied product is not visible, other than on white walls.


Chemical composition
Water, beeswax, natural, mineralized, specific emulsifiers. The product contains neither solvents nor biocides or preservatives. No volatile organic compounds.

Does not contain
solvents, biocides and preservatives. VOCs absent.

Instructions for use

Ready to use. Apply a first hand and once dry repeat the application. Approximately 4-5 sqm/l per hand. Can be applied by brush, roller or spray. The product does not have any special problems, the appearance of stains can be determined by the type of support used so it is recommended to carry out a test before application. Wait for the complete resorption of the product and the subsequent disappearance of the stain. Clean the tools with warm water and soap type marseille or vinegar. When applied homogeneously on the affected facades, wax can be applied once every year.

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