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Ecofriendly since 1974.

Our journey begins far away. In Ulm, to be precise, in 1974.

If today we are a company capable of combining its successes with a heartfelt responsibility towards people and the environment, we owe this to our history, which is rooted in ecological thinking, one of the most important challenges of the 20th century.

Three thousand students were occupying the land on which a new nuclear power plant was soon to be built. Among their ranks were Alfred, Marga and Carin, three young idealists and future innovators.

Proteste 1974

After six months of long struggle, the construction of the plant was cancelled. Not yet satisfied, and eager to leave a positive mark on the world, the three friends worked together to create the first ecological detergent, combining Marseille flakes, active oxygen and essential oils. Almaca was born.

Bruno Torresan


It was only in 1982, however, when these products caught the attention of Bruno Torresan, that they arrived in Italy. Bruno Torresan, who grew up in the green South Tyrol and was recently a father, convinced that he wanted to give the best to his family, sensed their potential and decided to bring them to Italy. He adds the word 'bio' to indicate 'life'.

The beginning, however, is not the most promising. In fact, it is terrible! The truth is that those detergents, made in an almost artisanal way, through the combination of a few simple ingredients, do not wash so well and people still prefer the more popular conventional products.
Bruno spends everything he has on improving the formulations. He works with top Italian chemists, negotiates with raw material suppliers and asks them to create new, more sustainable ingredients. Over the next two years, the new detergents produced are a feather in his cap and he is proud of them. However, people are still sceptical and sales are slow.

In 1984, after many years of effort, Bruno is on the verge of giving up. His dream of making an environmentally friendly product that would promote the well-being of people and the environment is about to end. But right at the hardest moment, something happens. An event that will end up in all the Italian newspapers relaunches his dream.



Tourists flee in alarm: on the Adriatic Riviera, from Goro to Rimini, the waters are red. The ecological disaster has to do with the abnormal proliferation of algae which, settling on the bottom and consuming a huge amount of the oxygen present in the water, kills fish and shellfish by asphyxiation.

This invasion of algae is caused by the excess phosphorus in the waters of the Adriatic. Tens of thousands of tonnes of phosphorus pour into the sea every year via the rivers: industrial effluents, fertilisers and fungicides used in agriculture and detergents go to 'fertilise' the algae. The emergency has no immediate solution. The only way is to remove and control the main sources of phosphorous pollution.

Journalists, local administrators and supporters of environmental policies are together sounding the alarm: in order to turn the tide, everyday behaviour must be changed, for example by using detergents without phosphorous, which conventional products were rich in - phosphorous was used to soften the washing water.

"Use environmentally friendly detergents!" is how local authorities appeal to citizens. The detergents produced by Bruno were taken as an example and began to appear on shop shelves.

Toxic plastic in the water

Invigorated by the confirmation of the social and environmental usefulness of his product, Bruno invested even more enthusiasm in Almacabio products. From there, over the years, all the products that today are considered 'classics' will be created:

  • the Marseille soap bars made in Florence, by traditional soapmakers;
  • the products in powder format for the washing machine and dishwasher, replacing the traditional drums advertised on television;
  • the range of laundry products, from daily laundry to delicates, including formulas dedicated to wool, angora and cashmere;
  • the innovative dishwasher tablets;
  • the fragrance-free line for the most sensitive skin and those with allergies.

Marcella Bondoni

More than 45 years have now passed since Almacabio's history began. Bruno's vision, faithfully handed down to this day, is carried on by Dr Marcella Bondoni, doctor and administrator, who continues to create products that promote our well-being and that of those we love.

Indeed, in an ever-changing world, we still feel the need to change and evolve, continuing our research with the aim of being able to take care of you and the planet in the best possible way.

This is why we aim to continually guarantee the validity of our ingredients, ensuring that our products are always completely transparent and environmentally friendly thanks to the Bio C.E.Q. certification. In addition, we are making an effort to guarantee those who will follow us a more ethical economy, towards the growth and development of our society. This is why we have joined the 'Economy of the Common Good', which aims to push companies to think about their role in society and the world.

A guaranteed commitment

Famiglia prodotti bucato

It is not easy to be certain of buying truly vegan products. Especially in the world of personal and household care products, where formulations can be opaque.

Fortunately, there are vegan bodies and associations that set very strict standards for manufacturers. This allows more responsible consumers to buy products without animal ingredients with peace of mind.

Almacabio detergents are a real guarantee.

In fact, on the product packaging we find the logos testifying to verifications and earned certifications.
We find for example that of VEGAN, which helps consumers all over the world to identify and choose entirely plant-based products.

BIO C.E.Q. Specific certification scheme for eco-friendly detergents according to a specific specification for the detergent sector.

The Eco-Natural Cosmetics certification guarantees the origin of the raw materials and active ingredients from plant and organic origin.

All Almacabio products are 'Cruelty free', i.e. no animal testing has been carried out.

Since 2013, animal testing for cosmetics is no longer permitted in Europe. However, the only way to find products that are truly cruelty-free is to rely on ethical brand lists.

Why choose Almacabio?

  • It offers excellent body and home care products and a constant search for balance and raw materials of natural origin
  • All surfactants and solvents, easily, quickly and completely biodegradable, are of exclusively vegetable origin.
  • The products in the Bio2 Sensitive range are suitable for even the most sensitive skin because they are free of preservatives, fragrances, enzymes, dyes and essential oils.
  • It has been promoting a lifestyle in harmony with the planet since 1974, before #biofriendly and #ecofriendly were trendy.
  • The cosmetics line is enriched with active ingredients from organic farming, which stimulate a detoxifying action of the connective tissue and eliminate chronic toxin accumulations.