Almacabio is the brand you've been seeking for your store.

If you have a store - physical or online - of natural and organic products, an herbalist shop, a bioprofumery, a pharmacy or para-pharmacy, or you sell home and personal care products, Almacabio brand products are ideal for expanding your assortment.

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Concern for people's well-being and respect for the environment are not a fad for us. They are the fixed point that has always guided us.

For this reason, we have created ecobio-compatible detergents, cleaners and body care products.

We have been doing this since the 1970s and since then we have grown without failing in our principles.

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An extensive choice

At your disposal you will find a wide catalog of products with more than 70 references divided into 6 lines between ecological detergents and certified organic cosmetics.

Take care of your laundry, dishwashing and all household surfaces with safe and certified products, respectful of nature and your well-being - even without perfume - while for your skin use only the most gentle and effective detergents and cosmetics, made with raw materials of vegetable origin and active ingredients from organic farming.

An excellent partner

Browse the catalog or request a consultation via phone or video call to learn about the products.

Select the assortment of best-selling products to start with with no strings attached.

Receive products with tracking and the guarantee of working together with a company from the network of more than 800 stores built over 48 years.

  • Bio C.E.Q. certification

    Ensures that products are safe for those who use them, sustainable for the environment, and respectful of all life.

  • Eco-Natural Cosmetics

    Specific to cosmetics, it certifies the traceability of ingredients and actives from plant and organic origin.

  • Vegan Products

    VEGAN logo helps consumers around the world identify and choose entirely plant-based products.

  • Alto Adige - Südtirol

    We are inspired by the nature that surrounds us: the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites and their thousand-year history.

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A natural tradition

The Almacabio brand was the first ecological detergent to enter the Italian market in 1974 by Bruno Torresan, a young dad looking for the best products for his family.

The focus on health continues through the leadership of Dr. Marcella Bondoni, a physician and administrator.

Thanks to this work, Almacabio products have been a favorite of many Italians for more than 45 years and have been handed down from parents to children, a true natural tradition.

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