Guide to dishwashing products

Guide to dishwashing products

Prodotti per la pulizia dei piatti a mano, in lavastoviglie e coadiuvanti di lavaggio.

La linea di prodotti per la pulizia delle stoviglie comprende sia i detersivi per il lavaggio a mano che in lavastoviglie. I prodotti per il lavaggio a mano hanno diversi formati e sono disponibili anche nella variante ipoallergenica Bio2 Sensitive senza profumo.

Nella gamma dei prodotti lavastoviglie, invece, trovano spazio prodotti in gel, polvere, compresse oppure multi-funzione 2-in-1 e 3-in-1, oltre che al sale ed al brillantante. Scegliendo i prodotti giusti, i tuoi piatti saranno puliti e splendenti nel pieno rispetto delle persone e dell’ambiente.

Hand washing products

Piatti a mano

Disponibile nei formati da 500 ml - 1000 ml - 5L - 10L, deterge le stoviglie in modo efficace e senza sforzo grazie alla sua formula super concentrata. Elimina gli odori e tratta con delicatezza le mani grazie alla presenza di glicerina vegetale, evitando così irritazioni e arrossamenti.

Ideal for washing all kinds of enamelled dishes, glass, ceramic, stainless steel, aluminium, plastic, porcelain. Removes all types of dry or wet food residue. Eliminates odours and sanitises. Leaves no marks after drying. With vegetable glycerine to protect the skin.

Piatti a mano detergent is also available in the hypoallergenic fragrance-free variant Bio2 Sensitive, the Almacabio line suitable for all people particularly sensitive to fragrances, preservatives, and surfactants of chemical origin.

This product is also suitable for the hygiene of children's and babies' dishes, dummies, teats and feeding bottles due to its sanitising action.

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Dishwashing Products

Polvere lavastoviglie

Powdered dishwasher detergents are still one of the most widely used formats, due to their ease of dosage and their effectiveness on greasy dirt.

The main caution to be taken with products in this format is to store them tightly closed and away from sources of moisture. In fact, the raw materials from which they are made are particularly hygroscopic (they absorb moisture) and therefore there is a risk that the powder may agglomerate and harden over time.

Detergent powder is most effective when washing at higher temperatures, from 55°C up to 65°C.

Gel lavastoviglie

Liquid detergent in gel form is very concentrated and therefore requires care when dosing. As it is rather dense, it can be difficult to dissolve in water under certain conditions and sometimes you may find some halos and stains on the dishes after washing.

For this reason, in most machines, with liquid detergents it is more appropriate to use low temperature programmes (ECO programme at 40°C), which prevent the product from thickening and facilitate its proper dissolving.

Multi-purpose products for dishwashing

In recent years, a number of multifunctional detergents have become popular, i.e. which not only act as a detergent, but also as a rinse aid and/or salt. They can be found in liquid or tablet form.

Their characteristic is that they contain ingredients that, under normal water hardness conditions, are able to keep limescale dissolved, thus making rinse aid and salt unnecessary.

However, if you are in an area where the water is hard (above 25° Fahrenheit) it is very likely that dishwasher detergent alone will not be sufficient to ensure an adequate shine for dishes and glasses. In this case, it is advisable to add rinse aid and adjust its dosage to the minimum. However, you will only realise the actual need to add it after a few test washes.

In particular, above 35°F it is definitely necessary to add salt again to regenerate the softener resins and counteract the action of very hard water.

Lavastoviglie Gel 2-in-1

Almacabio 2-in-1 Dishwashing Gel is the revolution in environmentally friendly dishwashing products in liquid form. In fact, in addition to being an effective detergent, the Gel combines all the virtues of a real rinse agent. It works optimally with every washing programme, even ECO at low temperatures.

Lavastoviglie compresse 3-in-1

The new formula of the tablets/tabs combines the virtues of a rinse agent and dishwasher salt in addition to excellent cleaning effectiveness. It works optimally with every programme and excels in very short wash cycles above 60°C.

Each tablet is preserved by a water-soluble microfilm that is able to dissolve completely.

Dishwashing aids


Ideal for maintaining the brilliance of glasses and dishes. Its purely vegetable formula makes it suitable for daily use and guarantees the correct finish of the washing process over time. The combined use of detergent and rinse aid guarantees more effective results and the correct functioning of the dishwasher.

Sale purissimo granulare

Un sale purissimo di cava a grani grossi da usare come coadiuvante durante il lavaggio. A differenza del sale marino, i cristalli compatti del sale di cava assicurano un rilascio lento che addolcisce l'acqua e combatte il calcare per un'azione più regolare ed efficace del detergente. 

It enhances the qualities of the dishwasher and extends its life by preventing scale build-up.

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