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The skin is the mirror of our health

Our skin performs an extraordinary task: acting as a link between the inside and outside of our organism.

In particolare, è il tessuto connettivo a svolgere la funzione chiave, ovvero permettere gli scambi tra le nostre cellule ed il tessuto circolatorio, fonte di nutrimento ed energia. Il connettivo ha anche un'altra funzione: smaltire le sostanze tossiche che entrano nell'organismo e che sono scarto del metabolismo cellulare.

"Thanks to the absence of fragrances and the usage of raw materials with high skin compatibility, the Bio2 Sensitive line is designed for unparalleled gentleness."

Preventing instead of curing

Bio2 Sensitive Cosmetic Line

"Thanks to the absence of fragrances and the usage of raw materials with high skin compatibility, the Bio2 Sensitive line is designed for unparalleled gentleness."

- Marcella Bondoni, Doctor and Managing Director of Almacabio

In buone mani

Oggi che le malattie della pelle arrivano a colpire 1 italiano su 4 (Congresso mondiale della dermatologia, 2019), è sempre più importante guardare alla qualità dei prodotti che utilizziamo. 

Hence the need to close the circle of our products dedicated to sensitive skin with a Skin care line dedicated precisely to those who make natural cosmetics their priority.

As experts in ecological cleansing since 1974, we know how important ingredient selection is.

That is why in the Bio2 Sensitive line you only find raw materials of plant origin and organic active ingredients without the addition of fragrances and perfumes. Your skin care is in good hands.

Revitalise connective tissue

Connective tissue is one of the layers of our skin that performs a key function: providing nourishment to cells and disposing of toxins that enter the body.

Over time, however, the toxins exceed the body's ability to dispose of them and accumulate.

Thus, the connective tissue hardens and the cells lose vitality. Skin blemishes begin to appear. Visible signs on the skin of deeper fatigue.

A natural aid for our skin care

Fase 1: azione detox

Helping the body to dispose of metabolic waste toxins.

This is the first task of a true beauty routine. Indeed, the timely elimination of the toxic load is the first form of prevention against the onset of new imperfections.

Bio2 Sensitive cosmetics are formulated to stimulate the action of the emunctory organs - kidneys, liver, the skin itself - which eliminate excess toxins and prevent accumulations.

Fase 2: trattamento in profondità

Dopo aver stimolato il metabolismo cellulare all' eliminazione delle tossine, il secondo passo è quello di intervenire sugli accumuli cronici. 

Through their elimination, in fact, it is possible to revitalise the previously stiffened tissue, making it elastic again, reducing blemishes and giving it a more youthful appearance.

It is always the active ingredients that stimulate this process.

What differentiates Almacabio from other brands?

Principi attivi biologici

Ingredients of plant origin and active ingredients from organic farming. Your skin will glow with new health.

Senza profumo

Fragrance-free and with raw materials with high skin compatibility. The result is unparalleled gentleness.

Garanzia naturale

The Bio C.E.Q. certification. Eco-Natural Cosmetics ensures that all ingredients are 100% eco-friendly.

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