Guide to body care products

Guide to body care products

Prodotti ecobio per la cura della pelle e del corpo rispettando l'ambiente. 

The line of body care and personal hygiene products includes solid soaps, shampoos, hand sanitising gels, intimate cleansers and liquid hand cleansers.

They are natural because they are made with completely biodegradable, plant-derived surfactants as well as being free of intrusive fragrances and harsh preservatives.

Marseille soap

Marsiglia puro in saponette

Una pratica confezione da 5 saponette di vero sapone di Marsiglia. Può essere usato come sapone per il corpo, grazie alle sue proprietà igienizzanti, oppure come pretrattante per il lavaggio del bucato. Prodotto seguendo l'antica ricetta del sapone di Marsiglia, Almacabio Marsiglia puro è un detergente non aggressivo naturale e senza sego animale. Oltre ad essere efficace vanta anche ottime qualità cosmetiche.

Sapone di Marsiglia mani Almacabio

Almacabio Marseille Hand Soap is available in 500 ml dispenser format and in 1L and 5L refill format - allowing 2 to 10 refills. It is a liquid hand soap suitable for frequent use due to its excellent cosmetic qualities. Its formulation cleanses thoroughly. It is a Marseille soap made with at least 72% saponified vegetable fats in accordance with François Merklen's modern recipe formulated in the late 19th century at the Charles Roux & Fils soap works.

Body cleansers

Detergente intimo

The Intimate Cleanser is a gentle soap designed to perform an effective daily action without irritating. Its protective action is based on a careful dosage of natural extracts and oligosaccharides that stimulate the skin's protective barrier. The valuable combination of natural raw materials makes it suitable for use by the whole family.

Per il nostro nuovo flacone del Detergente intimo abbiamo scelto un flacone in R-PET, l'ultima frontiera della sostenibilità. Ricavato da riciclo post-consumo, questo mantiene le stesse caratteristiche fisico-meccaniche della plastica vergine, potendo così essere impiegato ripetutamente per la realizzazione di packaging sicuri e sostenibili.

Bagnoschiuma baby

Moisturising, emollient and soothing, the Almacabio Baby Bath Foam, thanks to Aloe Vera extract, rice proteins and vegetable glycerine gently cleanses your baby's skin while maintaining its natural softness. It is suitable for both babies and toddlers.

Cleansing Gels

The Cleansing Hand Gel is suitable for cleaning hands without water. Its alcohol-based formula (64%) and the addition of lemon essential oil and organic dandelion extract make it ideal for hand hygiene

Thickened with vegetable cellulose for precise dosing, it is non-greasy and dries quickly. The presence of vegetable glycerine and organic extracts of horsetail, rice and olive help to contribute to the skin's elasticity and hydration. Dermatologically tested and safe for the skin.

Available in the practical 100 ml format or the 500 ml dispenser, ideal to have at home or in the office.

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Fragrance-free cosmetics line

For the most sensitive and easily irritated skin, the daily cleansers of the Bio2 Sensitive cosmetic line are also available without added perfumes and with active ingredients from organic farming.