Guide to household cleaning products

Guide to household cleaning products

Prodotti per tutte le superfici e per un ambiente più pulito.

La linea di prodotti per la pulizia della casa comprende detergenti naturali per le superfici e per l'ambiente. I prodotti per la casa di Almacabio hanno diverse funzioni e sono disponibili anche nella variante ipoallergenica Bio2 Sensitive senza profumo.

Within the line you will find products for cleaning and hygiene of all surfaces in the home: Floors, Kitchen and hobs, Glass, Bathroom and WC.

Sono ecologici perché realizzati con tensioattivi completamente biodegradabili e di derivazione vegetale, privi di profumazioni invadenti e conservanti aggressivi. Sicuri per i bambini ed i neonati e per tutte le persone che ricercano prodotti capaci di igienizzare la superfici domestiche.

Products for floors and surfaces

Detersivo pavimenti

Designed for cleaning all types of floors, this product leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness throughout the home. The secret of its action lies in its formula. It effectively reduces the surface tension of water, allowing it to penetrate into the smallest cracks and eliminating dirt in depth.

Ideale per marmo, gres, klinker, ceramica, granito, cotto, pietra naturale, quarzo, linoleum e, correttamente diluito, anche per il parquet. Idoneo per la pulizia di davanzali, tapparelle, persiane, infissi lavabili, ringhiere, balconi, terrazzi, mobili da giardino in plastica. Non lascia residui o alonature e può essere utilizzato senza risciacquo. Idoneo anche per macchine lavapavimenti. 

Superfici & Vetri

A glass and surface cleaning product that effectively removes dust, rainwater marks and greasy dirt such as smog marks and residues. Almacabio Surfaces & Glazing can also be dispensed in the form of foam to clean vertical surfaces without rapid dripping. It leaves no streaks and helps maintain the natural shine of surfaces over time.

Specifically designed for cleaning all types of floors, this product leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness throughout the house. The secret of its action lies in its formula. It effectively reduces the surface tension of water, allowing it to penetrate into the smallest cracks and eliminating dirt in depth.

Detersivo pavimenti Bio2 Sensitive

Bio2 Sensitive is the Almacabio line suitable for all people particularly sensitive to fragrances, perfumes, essential oils, preservatives, enzymes and surfactants of chemical origin. Its formulation is designed to reduce the typical irritant potential of surfactants, even those of natural origin, without compromising cleaning efficacy.


Products for kitchen surfaces

Ideal for caring for all types of hobs, kitchen tops and sinks, Almacabio Degreaser and Abrasive Cream are effective cleaners suitable for removing greasy dirt, even when encrusted.


Its non-aggressive degreasing action removes traces of grease quickly and effectively. Almacabio degreaser has a delicate apple vinegar fragrance that neutralises greasy kitchen odours. It is active in protecting metal parts and surfaces.

Specifico per fornelli, piastre e piani di cottura, piani di lavoro, superfici laccate, smaltate, inox, laminati, plastica, ceramica, vetro, vetroceramica, piastrelle in gres, klinker, porcellana.

Acts effectively on grease, fat, dirt and residues of various kinds. Deodorises, sanitises and helps protect stainless steel and satin-finish. Also useful for cleaning and sanitising interior and exterior surfaces of fridges, freezers, deep freezers.

Crema abrasiva

The secret of this abrasive cream is the marble powder talc, which enhances the cleaning effectiveness. Thanks to its gentle abrasive action, this product is suitable for all hard surfaces such as cookers, ceramics and tiles.

Specifico per superfici lavabili, sanitari, ceramica, piastrelle, superfici smaltate, plastica, piani di lavoro, piani di cottura, cotto e inox. Rimuove delicatamente sporco misto, grassi e residui secchi. 

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Products for bathroom cleaning and hygiene

Ideali per rimuovere i depositi di calcare attorno alla rubinetteria e sui sanitari, l'anticalcare ed il detergente Pulizia WC Almacabio si prendono cura del vostro bagno senza utilizzare acidi aggressivi e cloro. I prodotti igienizzano e rimuovono efficacemente la polvere ed il calcare perché contengono tensioattivi da origine vegetale e acido citrico.

Anticalcare spray

An incredibly effective product against frequent limescale build-up. Its descaling action quickly removes deposits from all surfaces in contact with water. Its effect lasts over time and prevents the formation of further deposits.

Pulizia WC

Ideal formula for cleaning the toilet, it removes calcium sediments and thoroughly sanitises. Regular removal of limescale and residues in the WC prevents the formation of unpleasant odours and ensures thorough cleaning. The product also creates a protective layer that prevents further deposits.

Products for a cosier environment

Lavender, lemon, orange... essences are not only used to perfume the room and make the air in the home pleasant, but can also be a valuable support for our health and well-being, both physical and mental. In fact, essential oils are practical for this purpose because they spread quickly in the environment, either by using aromatherapy diffusers or by adding them to bath water.

Spray per ambienti

Air fresheners that perfume the home and provide an extraordinary olfactory sensation of well-being. Fresh & Natural diffuses microscopic particles into the air that eliminate bad odours without covering them up. Almacabio's orange, lemon and orange essential oils give the room delicate enveloping notes.

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