Laundry Product Guide

Prodotti per il bucato a mano, in lavatrice e per igienizzare

The laundry cleaning product line includes natural detergents for your washing machine or hand washing. The laundry products come in different formats and are also available in the hypoallergenic Bio2 Sensitive fragrance-free variant.

Daily laundry products

Detersivi in polvere

The daily laundry detergents in liquid format featured in our laundry line are the 2 kg and 4 kg Concentrated Powder Washing Powder Drum.

The new formula, enriched with a higher percentage of active ingredients, is effective on whites and colors and leaves clothes with a fresh, delicate scent. Its formulation makes it immediately active on all stains for clean, sanitized laundry.

Powder detergents are best suited for fairly dirty textiles that can be washed without problems at temperatures higher than 40 °C degrees - e.g. 50 °C and perhaps 60 °C with whites.

By this we mean towels, sheets, tablecloths, workwear, or in any case all those fabrics that tend to get dirty. In particular, if you wash towels at 60°C they will feel cleaner for longer because the powder better removes all the sebum that settles between the fibres.

Detersivi in formato liquido

The daily laundry detergents in liquid format in our laundry line are: Washing machine liquid in 1L and bulk 5L formats, Laundry Marseille soap in 1L and bulk 5L formats, Washing machine lavender liquid in 2L and 10L formats.

Detergent in liquid form, compared to powder form, is more suitable for 'light' everyday laundry, or for coloured and dark clothes, which can be washed at 30°/40°C.

This does not make liquid detergents any less effective. In fact, in the case of (even difficult) stains, everyday laundry liquids have enzymes that are particularly effective even at 30°C. These enzymes, however, begin to deactivate above 40°C (i.e. they do not work). For this reason, when using a liquid detergent with enzymes, it is best not to go above 40°C.

These products are ideal for white, coloured and black clothes. Thanks to their washing power, they act decisively on mixed stains and odours. They wash fabrics thoroughly and do not cover dirt because they do not contain optical brighteners.

Un piccolo trucco è quello di fermare la lavatrice dopo che ha caricato l'acqua di lavaggio all'interno del cestello e farla rimanere in pausa per una 20' di minuti, cosicché gli enzimi possano avere il tempo di agire sulle macchie. Proseguire poi con il programma di lavaggio come al solito.

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Colour-safe and wool washing products

Delicati & Colorati

A caress for coloured and delicate garments. Also ideal for dark garments. Treats the most precious fabrics with care, eliminating stains, even the most stubborn ones, giving softness to all garments. Respects the elasticity of the fibres and maintains colours over ti

Ideal for washing delicate and coloured garments. Active on mixed stains, grease, organic residues. Eliminates odours and leaves a pleasant fragrance.

Angora & Cashmere

Wool, cashmere, angora and generally all animal-derived fibres have a spiral structure, the softness of which must be preserved during washing. Liquid Angora and Cashmere Detergent acts on stains and revives the fibres, preserving the beauty of the garments over time.

Angora and Cashmere Detergent Products for washing baby clothes and people with sensitive skin

Lavatrice Baby

In the first years of life the skin needs great protection. That is why we have created a detergent designed for baby laundry. Its formulation combines cleanliness with a valuable sanitising capacity. Unlike conventional detergents it does not leave any aggressive residues on fabrics that can irritate the skin.

Active on mixed stains, grease, organic residues. Also suitable for fine and coloured fabrics. Gives softness and fluffiness after washing. Gentle formula with physiological pH (eudermic). Contains rice protein and vegetable glycerine. Pleasantly scented (talcum powder)

The Liquid Washing Machine Detergent is also available in the hypoallergenic fragrance-free Bio2 Sensitive variant, the Almacabio line suitable for all people particularly sensitive to fragrances, preservatives, and surfactants of chemical origin.

This product is also suitable for the hygiene of baby and children's cloths and washable nappies thanks to its sanitising action.


Fabric softener: why it is important to use it

A key function of environmentally friendly fabric softeners is to remove alkaline residues on clothes. In fact, washing machine detergents must have an alkaline pH - higher than 7 - to properly clean our clothes.

The consequence is that our clothes will come out with a pH that is far from that of our skin. This is not a good thing. In fact, wearing clothes with an alkaline pH for many hours can cause irritation in the long run.

This happens because when the pH of the skin is raised to alkaline values, it can become dehydrated and stop functioning as a protective barrier. As a result, the skin becomes dry and hypersensitive and irritation or dermatitis can occur.

Fabric softener can help with this. By intervening in the last rinse of the washing machine, it reduces the washing pH and brings it to a level closer to that of our skin.

However, if you prefer to avoid using fabric softener instead use citric acid and never, ever use vinegar. This, in fact, not only damages the washing machine but also corrodes its components by releasing nickel. In this way, you only create the conditions for allergic reactions to this heavy metal.


Almacabio Fabric Softener makes garments soft and stretches the fibres, giving a naturally soft feel. Free of thickeners and made from raw materials of vegetable origin, it does not irritate the skin and does not generate synthetic films on garments as is the case with traditional softeners. It softens garments and relaxes the fibres, making ironing easier.

Ammorbidente Bio2 Sensitive

Bio2 Sensitive fabric softener leaves garments soft without leaving potentially irritating residues in the fibres. Its special composition free of fragrances, essences, essential oils, enzymes, preservatives and surfactants of chemical origin makes it the perfect solution for anyone suffering from allergies or irritations.

Bio2 Sensitive Fabric Softener is also suitable for children's clothes. It makes them softer while respecting their delicate skin.

Products to sanitise and pre-treat clothes

Bianco Smacchia

An active oxygen product with Sodium Percarbonate and Sodium Carbonate perfect for removing difficult stains on white and coloured garments. Enhances the stain removing action of hand and machine detergents. Enriched with degreasing surfactants and enzymes, it is excellent for removing stubborn dirt, White Stains has a high sanitising power and is effective even at low temperatures.

Specifico per il trattamento delle macchie miste, colorate e persistenti presenti su biancheria e indumenti (anche colorati). Coadiuvante per l’igienizzazione del bucato grazie alla presenza di ossigeno attivo (percarbonato di sodio e carbonato di sodio). Contiene Enzimi e tensioattivi per smacchiare le macchie più ostinate. Può essere utilizzato con cadenza mensile per igienizzare la lavatrice – eseguire un lavaggio a vuoto con 30 g di prodotto ad almeno 60°C. Non idoneo per lana e seta. 

Saponetta di Marsiglia Puro

Produced following the ancient formula of Marseille soap, this bar of soap is perfect for both hand washing and as a pre-treater for machine washing. Especially effective on cuffs and collars, it contains only natural components that leave hands soft after use.

Effective on oily stains, it enhances the washing action of the detergent by acting directly on the area to be treated without being aggressive on fabrics.

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